Collaboration Agreement

BOLD Open Database Collaboration Agreement 



Free of cultural, geographical and technological barriers. 

This collaboration agreement (the "Agreement") aims to introduce the BOLD open database ("BOLD Database"), as well as the rules and principles applicable to use of the BOLD Database and collaboration within it, which all users must agree to respect. 

Respect of the Agreement is essential for building, maintaining and enriching the BOLD Database, as well as guaranteeing that it functions properly. 


What is the BOLD Database for?

The BOLD Database aims to:

  • Identify female entrepreneurs across the world using technology and information exchange;
  • Develop a means of unique economic emancipationfor female entrepreneurs and their businesses; 
  • Highlight female entrepreneurship in a concrete way. 


What is the BOLD Database?

A database making female entrepreneurs visible all over the world

The BOLD Database is the first global, open and innovative database, designed with a scientific, economic and social approach, which aims to identify and pool—all within one database—the details of every female entrepreneur from all over the planet. 

The BOLD Database gives visibility and influence to female entrepreneurs recorded in the database free of charge. It is for the benefit of the entire economic ecosystem, for which it is a force of economic and social development: investors, entrepreneurs, large groups, executive boards, start-ups, journalists, academics, research institutes, institutional investors, researchers, students, etc.


What the BOLD Database is: 

  • The BOLD Database is a piece of analytical and digital technology available to everyone, in support of female entrepreneurs all around the world.
  • The BOLD Database is open and designed to be shared by all registered users across the world
  • The BOLD Database is non-profit-making. Any use of the BOLD Database for marketing purposes or financial gain is strictly prohibited. 
  • The information in the BOLD Database is shared voluntarily by female entrepreneurs who commit to complying with the General Terms of Use and the Agreement, in particular to sharing only correct, honest and current information. 
  • The information in the BOLD Database is available to registeredusers who have committed to respecting the General Terms of Use and Agreement, particularly in their capacity as an investor, entrepreneur, journalist, academic, research institute, institutional investor, student, researcher, or any other player in the economic, entrepreneurial and societal ecosystem, and to using the information solely for the profit of female entrepreneurs and their ecosystem. Users also commit, if using the information in the BOLD Database, to sharing their work with all other users and to explicitly cite the BOLD Database according to the recommended "BOLD Open Database" method. 
  • No identity checks or moderation a priori of the information in the BOLD Database are carried out, but users are encouraged to inform us of any illicit content. 
  • The BOLD Database is part of a website, the use of which is regulated by the General Terms of Use outlining the rights and obligations of each user vis-à-vis the BOLD Database and vis-à-vis other users, including female entrepreneurs.


What the BOLD Database is not: 

  • The BOLD Database is not a social network.
  • The BOLD Database is not a tool for sharing content among users. 
  • The BOLD Database is not an instant messaging service.
  • The BOLD Database is not a tool for connecting individuals.
  • The BOLD Database is not a collaboration platform.
  • The BOLD Database is not a commercial platform. 
  • The BOLD Database is not a marketable directory.
  • The BOLD Database is not a "dating" platform. 


What am I authorised to do with the information in the BOLD Database?

Each registered user, whether they have an "Entrepreneur" Profile or an "Other user" Profile, can access, export and use the information in the BOLD Database for themselves, for the benefit of female entrepreneurs and for non-commercial purposes, provided they respect this Agreement and the General Terms of Use

Any other use of the information in the BOLD Database is strictly forbidden. 

Any use of the BOLD Database information leading to analyses, results, research or publications must be imported to the Website of which the BOLD Database is part, for the benefit of all registered users. 

Similarly, any use of BOLD Database information within these analyses, results, research or publications—or during a course or conference—must cite the BOLD Database explicitly as the source of the information by using the name "BOLD Open Database".     

As a general rule, each user must also adopt respectful behaviour regarding other users.

The General Terms of Use, which each registered user agrees to respect during their registration, outlines in detail the rights and obligations of users. You are therefore encouraged to refer to these and adhere strictly to them. 


What are the consequences of failure to respect the rules?

If a user acts in violation of the Agreement or General Terms of Use, especially if their behaviour endangers the functioning, security or longevity of the BOLD Database, we reserve the right to suspend or close their user account, without prejudice to the right to claim damages.